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My aim is to capture fleeting moments of time and reorder them to reflect my own perceptions. This is elusive and therefore challenging, as my motifs walk, glance up or over, dance and run; they exist in the street, or even on a stage or theatrical venue. Movement and imparting life to my subjects is a key element in my work, and I use stable geometric elements to anchor them, because they are prone to flying off the page. As an artist what also intrigues me is the depiction of a thinking human being—the individual who is rational, alert, at work and at rest, in relation to other people, or alone, lost in thought. I treat pictorially those inner moments of the mind, because to me they are alive, and they do move as well. Watercolor has been my primary vehicle of expression and lends itself to the depiction of movement. Recently I have been experimenting with oil on canvas, working on a larger scale to achieve a marriage of opposites: drama and casual gesture wedded to color and form. My passion is to depict the world around me in vivid, glowing colors. My goal is to create paintings that are so pleasing to the eye that discussion is rendered pointless. • Native New Yorker. From my earliest days I wanted to draw and paint. I was born in 1960 and was raised in Rosedale, Queens. I moved to Brooklyn, and, after several years of attempting to write plays, I came back to painting as my most successful method of bringing characters to life. • Travel. My travels in Europe, especially in Italy, France, England, Spain, and the Low Countries, have given me a first-hand appreciation of some of the world’s finest artworks. French and Italian artists of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries in particular have inspired me to depict the mores and sights of today—a living history in paint. I reapply compositional structures and techniques I’ve seen in works of the past to suit a modern representational mode of expression. • Art Career. Concentrating on honing my skills as a draughtsman in the media of watercolor and oil, I sketched and painted consistently over a fifteen year period, participating in two group shows in Massachusetts in 1989. Subsequently I have taught watercolor painting for the GMHC in 1996–98, and have also designed the covers and illustrated the interiors of books for major book publishers. My paintings are represented in collection of the Williamsburg Art & Historical Center, Brooklyn, New York, and in private collections in New York, San Francisco, Paris, and Luxembourg. • Website. I now have a website that showcases hundreds of paintings and ink drawings that I have created. Please feel free to peruse the site. I welcome the interest and feedback.

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