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painter of vast, often dramatic, yet tranquil landscapes

Art is a fundamental part of my being. When placing brush to canvas I often get “lost” in the scene I am painting; anxious to see where the next stroke leads. For me each new work is an adventure; little narratives in time and space, nature and beauty. I strive not only to capture that fleeting moment when the light falls just so but also the emotion felt within, creating a connection between artist and viewer. I hope to evoke that sense of a fond moment lost and encourage participation in the story. Where does this path lead? What’s around that bend? What lies beyond the hill? I believe art is a conversation, not merely shapes and colors, values and lines. It is a journey in discovery for both the artist and the viewer. The most magical moment for me is when that connection is made; when the viewer looks at a painting and says, “I’m there under that tree, I can hear birds chirping and leaves dancing in the breeze; smell the crisp freshness of the air." There is a part of me in every painting I create. Within every stroke are the melody of my heart and the harmony of my soul. Some have already found this, some have yet to discover it. For those who wish to, I invite you to join me in this journey.





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