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Robert Maestas grew up in North Central New Mexico but now resides in Lakewood, CO, a suburb of Denver. He is a veteran of the US Armed Forces and served aboard the aircraft carrier USS America in the early seventies. Mr. Maestas is a self taught digital artist and has been creating art for over fourteen years. He is a member of the the Chicano Humanities & Arts Council (CHAC) Gallery, Denver, CO. Huge strides in technology have paved the way for a whole new art form. In the conventional form creativity manifests itself through the paint and the brush. In this age of technological revolution it also happens through other tools such as the computer and software. Each era has seen the evolution of a new art form, we are now beginning to witness and experience Digital Art. Creativity has no limitations, the "CREATIVE MIND" is the same, the tools available to the artist are just different.

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We are very excited about the next generation of student artists and understands that providing them with the exposure and tools to succeed are a necessary component to the future of the art world.

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Join the movement! A series of events hosted by Socurio inviting you to join our mission of make art accessible and enjoyable to everyone.

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