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I view life in picture frames. Frame by frame, I take mental snapshots of what\'s around me, focusing on the detail, the moment in time. I enjoy living in the moment, on a day-by-day basis because I see how time can pass by so quickly if you don’t pay attention to it. Therefore I try to give each day the proper attention it deserves, by connecting with people and nature. Taking pictures is my way of embracing and remembering valuable moments. Most of my art is inspired from pictures I have either taken or pictures that have been taken of me. I find these brief moments are those that bring out the most emotion in my art and have the most meaning behind them. I also like to add some aspect of sex appeal to every piece. There is beauty in sexiness, something that always draws the eye and will never lose its appeal. A woman’s body is something that everyone can appreciate, thus being a common subject throughout all my paintings. It’s a fascination I have, perhaps because the power I know it holds in life. The combination of sexy, red, and black and white, makes for a powerful piece in my opinion. I like to make paintings that are visually appealing, intriguing, and most importantly: unique. I look for inspiration from photos in places that are often overlooked - by paying close attention to the details and envisioning it enlarged on a canvas. Music, bodies in motion, the emotions that facial expressions evoke, and connections with people, create the life stories that inspire my art. When it\'s not a photo, I\'m looking at the size and shape of the canvas for my inspiration; I envision what I could paint that would do the canvas most justice. Staring at a blank canvas while searching for the inspiration usually develops into an idea either based on my emotions at the time, or a random image of a past photo that first comes to mind. My thoughts are very random, but at the same time purposefully never truly brought to conclusion. They are constantly floating around, coming and going as certain things I see or hear trigger them to reopen. This is where randomness appears in my art. I am attracted to darkness and rawness in my paintings, perhaps because I like to tell things exactly how they are, clear and straightforward. I use black and white a lot because I like the way they contrast, also symbolizing the different sides there are to every person, story, argument, and so on. White represents purity and has a positive connotation; black represents evil, mystery and power. The representation of good and evil, things that oppose each other are appealing to me both mentally and visually. Likewise, I\'ll use red because it is bold and offsets the black and white balance. I love the intensity that a deep red brings to my paintings. Red, being the color of blood and fire, translates into my art as a representation of life and breathing, living in the moment. It has a visual energy to me like no other color does. Red also represents love, a deep love for all types of things: love for yourself, for a significant other, for life…I use it as a stimulation factor. I\'ll often view my paintings in the complete dark looking at the strength the black and white have in this way and finding an unexpected appreciation for the art in itself.





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