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My passion is painting, translating emotional truths into color and form.

Anahid is an Armenian/American artist born in Iran. San Francisco is her home, and she has been creating art for decades. She follows her vision wherever it take her without regard for trends or fashion. She works in acrylics, oils and mixed-media assemblage. Her work has been shown and published since 1978. The painting is a vehicle of expression, a magical process, the artist being a vessel or channel for what wants to be expressed. I don't impose my ideas on the painting, I let the painting tell me what needs to be done. This intuitive process is what makes art-making so exciting and unpredictable. I do use drawings, photographs I take, collages, but all in the service of the vision that is presenting itself at the moment and changing as it completes itself.





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We are very excited about the next generation of student artists and understands that providing them with the exposure and tools to succeed are a necessary component to the future of the art world.

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