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Hi; & Welciome;To; the SoCurio web. site/ Welcome to my Socurio site; My work is hand painted on fine arts paper.Paper is everywhere around us & seems to last as well as many other substrates for art processes. It also has a wonderful surface; for working on. My painting process has its visual origins in Drawing;Printmaking & B&W photography. I use a Carbon acrylic Emulsion /in thin films,with industrial equipment.The process IS indirect, and is capable of visual magic... .It dries insoluble;& is permanently fixed..there is no erasure in my painting system -what you do is there for the life of the work, short of mechanical abrasion which will destroy the works substrate..Its a neat system; which I stumbled ON, while preparing my thesis project. Like all really great ideas there was resistance& my prof told me Not to use it as my final project. Everyone Else can see it works fine & is great/ CLEARLY/ Some people just dont get it. You just- cant make this stuff up. My goal was to pass. So I did another similar idea; inventing The Wall Crawler a modular painted wall collage system..It uses the same process but addresses another issue;The ability to alter a work substantially;using modular units. That Modularity allowed me to adress site specific demands in a radical new way. I could build far larger groupings ;and change them in any interval . This also suggests that there is a new possibility in a non- static installation/ presentation using the modularity which IS revolutionary..... Substrate;paint & process are All/Archival...This IS the best stuff. - Singular Images done in series/ & Large Modular works as well. I do love the whole painting-process- .It IS awalys a revelation. / Frank Gavere;Studio Room;497;Mana Art /NJ. 2012.

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