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Because it s so important for Crystal to give back, she tries to donate and benefit worthy causes, such as cancer research, mental illness issues, and natural disasters, as much as possible. She has served as art committee leader for The Red Door Campaign to benefit the Gilda s Club, collaborating with many talented artists such as renowned glass artist, Dale Chihuly. The majority of Crystal Sea s experience was in advertising; until she started remodeling homes as a hobby. Soon, she fell in love with the whole process, from construction to interior design and made it her full time occupation. During that time, visits to Costa Rica, commercial fishing in Alaska, and brine shrimp harvesting on the Great Salt Lake were part of her adventures as well. For many years, a mysterious, recurring illness would continue to affect her life. Eventually Crystal became very ill and after more extensive testing, found she had a very rare form of cancer called Carcinoid. This form could not be treated by conventional means, such as chemotherapy. Actually, the doctors were not sure how to cure this disease at all. Finally, Crystal underwent major surgery to remove the tiny tumors and after a slow but steady recovery, she s good as new. It used to be impossible for her to sit still long enough, however life changes and she learned to slow down and smell the roses. As it became more difficult to be physically active, she started painting as an outlet for creativity and accomplishment. The painter found art to be extremely therapeutic and it was a huge part of her coping and healing process. Crystal has exhibited her work from Seattle, to Manhattan, to LA; selling over 100 original oils and limited edition giclee prints, across the country and around the world.

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