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Hiroshima Wreckage (v4)

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Really this has nothing to do with war or the actual bombing of the city by the same name. More to do with memory and the destruction of personal barriers I guess. Again, blah blah. I have 2 other versions.
Subject: Abstract

Size: 4 x 12 inches

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Earl Ripling Dec 29, 2010 1:07:21 PM

I like the depth in your pictures. I enjoy experiencing the processes used in building the images, especial those sections from the photographs up. I imagined your experience at the photographic level; thoughts you had associated taking the photos or finding them and thoughts as you had processing the layers. I like to think in terms of processing as opposed to the historical expressions of these processes; i.e. Dada, surrealism, symbolism, the Eastern European collage movements, etc.

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