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Composition 525, No.2

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Variation on a theme. This has more of an urban influence as well as being prompted by the natural. It is abstract yes, formally speaking to some degree but also I think it can be classified as surreal as well when I consider the motivations that occured as part of its generation. It is not merely about pure form. But serves as a record of something... an edging toward the esoteric. I also added some purple cause, hey purple. It's pretty. [insert some deep art school explanation here] Thanks for checking it out!
Subject: Abstract

Size: 13 x 19 inches

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Earl Ripling Dec 29, 2010 1:08:32 PM

I like the depth in your pictures. I enjoy experiencing the processes used in building the images, especial those sections from the photographs up. I imagined your experience at the photographic level; thoughts you had associated taking the photos or finding them and thoughts as you had processing the layers. I like to think in terms of processing as opposed to the historical expressions of these processes; i.e. Dada, surrealism, symbolism, the Eastern European collage movements, etc.

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